Patience Conley


    I got my first Barbie camera when I was eight years old. In my teen years my sisters and I had countless photoshoots with disposables. After the birth of my first child I purchased a DSLR and without even realizing it, I've been taking pictures for 20 years! Lifelong passions should not be put on the backburner! With a plan in place I have upgraded my equipment and am taking the leap into the very competitive field of photography and am looking forward to what the next 20 years may bring me! 


     Being Happy is the best way to live your life! Its never easy and there will always be trails. But seriously, why spend time doing anything other than what makes you happy? Make yourself better by setting goals, working hard, seeing change and finding out that YOU are in charge of life and how you get through it. I wish you all happiness and if you haven't done it yet, decide what will make you happy and go out there and get it done!


Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:18

Remember God, Do what you can to know him. Life, Happiness and love would not exist without Him and I pray that each and everyone of you may grow a little closer to Him every day!

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